Polly Showing full commitment!! Way to Go!!

Alexa on a super fun head high Wave!!

Susan on the Big One!!

Such an awesome crew in Today’s Session!
Setting up for some Tube Time

Matt looking like a Pro

Super fun day at the Beach

Girls just want to have Fun!!!

All the way from Australia on her first day !! Well done Ellen !!!

Francisca enjoying our ATV Tour

Mother & Daughter sharing a wave…

Victoria doing excellent on her first day!!!

Monday is Fun Day

Melia doing very well on her 3rd. Day!!!

Early morning session. Ready to jump into the water

Ben - Living the Pura Vida!!

Roberto Sibaja ownwer of CRSA – Awesome waves today.

Nisha ripping in Casita...

Rob – 2nd Day surfing with us!

Lisa catching waves her first day

Dan the Man
John on a Fun and Clean Left!