Richard - Surf Coaching Guest surfing Playa Grande

Paddle Boarding in Tamarindo

Patrick - Surf Tour Guest

Randy - Surf Camp Guest

Olivier relaxing after a great day of Surfing

Roberto Sibaja - Owner of CRSA

Kaitlyn & Isabella - Jr. Surfers

Allison - Surf Camp Guest

Gary - Surf Camp Guest

Maren - Surf Camp Guest

Another Beautiful Tamarindo Sunset

Surf Camp Guests and CRSA Crew
Thomas surfing Avellanas

Surfing by Boat

Cesar & William - CRSA Surf Instructors & Guides

LandRover 4X4 - Travel and Surf in Style

Surf Camp Guests

Stephanie Looking Good

Sammy Dropping In

Allison - Surf Camp Guest

Surf Camp Guests with Surf Instructors Steven and Cesar

Cruising Tamarindo Beach

Landrover 4x4 with Surf Tour Guests

Surf Camp Guests

Arron - Surf Camp Guest

Witch's Rock

Boat Trip to Witch's Rock

Randy - Surf Camp Guest

Dorothy - Surf Camp Guest

Maria and Nan – Surf Camp Guests

Humpback Wales off the Coast

Surf Tour Guest

Tal - Surf Camp Guest

Melissa - Surf Camp Guest

Surf Tour Guest surfing Witch's Rock

Surf Tour Guest on a nice wave


Humpback Wales spotted on our way to surf Witch’s Rock

Another shot of the Wales

Surf Tour Guest

Rob - Surf Coaching Guest

La Purruja (Avellanas)

Paula - Local Surfer Girl

Fabian Boggyboarding in Tamarindo

Cesar (left) with the owner of CRSA Roberto Sibaja

Jared - Surf Camp Guest

Avellanas Wave

William - Surf Camp Guest

Conor - Surf Coaching Guest

Graham - Surf Tour Guest