Ellen - Surf Camp Guest

Otto – Surf Tour Guest
Surf Camp Guests – Morning Session

Ktista - Surf Tour Guest

Tamarindo Sunsets
Shannon – Surf Camp Guest – 1st Day of Surfing

Sammy - Surf Coaching Guest

Tamarindo River Mouth
First Day of Surfing!

Surf Camp Guests

Frank – Surf Coaching Guest
Patrick – Surf Tour Guest

Tamarindo Life

2nd Day of Surf Camp – Catching some nice Waves

First Day - Getting the Basics Down

Janis - Surf Camp Guest

Tamarindo Wave – Nice!!!
Jean Marc – Surf Coaching Guest

CRSA Crew getting ready for the Tamarindo Triathlon

Robbie – Surf Tour Guest
Anna – Surf Camp Guest

Amy - Surf Camp Guest on a Nice Wave

Cesar – Surf Guide / Instructor
CRSA – Guests and Crew

Wendy Boyer - Surf Camp guest

Cristian – CRSA Surf Instructor / Guide

Chris Kaempffer - Surf Camp Guest

CRSA - Crew and Guests

CRSA – Surf Guide / Instructor
Surf Off Our Boat
Tamarindo Wave