Trinidad - Surf Camp Guest

Roberto Sibaja – owner of Costa Rica Surf Adventures
Joe – Surf Coaching Guest

Nathan - Surf Camp Guest getting a nice ride

Connor – Surf Coaching Guest – Nice!
Mellisa – Surf Camp Guest

Willie - Surf Coaching Guest

Roberto – Owner of CRSA having some Fun!
CRSA – Guests and Surf Instructors

Amy - Surf Camp Guest - Beginner Surfer

Cattalen - Surf Camp Guest having Fun!

Connor – Ripping – Future Pro

Randy - Surf Camp Guest - 2nd Day of Surfing with Us!

Patrick – Surf Coaching Guest
Paddle Boarding in Tamarindo

Joe - Catching a Nice Ride

Eve – Surf Coaching guest
Surf Camp Guests

John - Surf Camp Guest

Surf Coaching Guest from Puerto Rica

Richard Surf Coaching Guest surfing Playa Grande

Surf Camp Guest 2nd Day
Here we go – A great Monday

Looking for Waves in Style

Sunset from the water. WE GOT WAVES!

Endo Paddle Boarding in Tamarindo

John making it look easy

Debbie Surfing Tamarindo
Ann – Surf Camp Guest – Looking Good