Julian - enjoying a Perfect Day of Surfing in Tamarindo

Nicky – 3rd Day of Surfing with US!
CRSA Crew & Guest

Joe - Surf Camp Guest - First Day!

Owen – Surf Coaching Guest
Chris – Surf Camp Guest

Surf Camp Guests getting ready for a Great Day of Surfing

Regan – Surf Camp Guest
Jonessa – Surf Camp Guest

Joe - Surf Coaching Guest

Tamarindo Wave!
Jose – Our Boat Captain

Surf Camp Guests & CRSA Crew

Kris – Surf Camp Guest
Austin Henry – Surf Tour Guest

Tamarindo Sunset

Otto – Surf Tour Guest
Thea – Surf Camp guest getting a nice Ride!

Allie - Her 2nd Day Surfing with us!

Guest Dog catching his first wave!
Chris – Suirf Camp Guest

JP - Surf Camp Guest

Katherine – Surf Camp Guest
Phil – Surf Tour Guest

Mellisa - Surf Camp Guest

Diana getting a great Ride – This could be you.
Pat Ripping!

Cara - Surf Coaching Guest

Michael & Daniel – Surf camp Guests
Pilar – Surf Coaching Guest