One happy crew of Surfers!

Great way to start the Day – Surfing!
For all you Sunset Lovers…

Jamie - First Day!

Charlie – Intermediate Surfing Program
Great way to start the Day – Pura Vida!

Kenneth - CRSA Surf Guide / Instructor

Surfing off our Boat – Morning Session…
Our Friend Aaron Roberts – Thanks for coming again, It’s a pleasure to have you here. Pura Vida!!!

Ian - enjoying the morning session - pretty much just us in the water

Rigo – CRSA Surf Guide / Instructor
Aaron – Surf Coaching Program improving the way he rides…

Okay let's Guess... Sunrise or Sunset

Chica Session – Pura Vida
Afternoon Crew

Tamarindo Sunset - Come join us!

Tamarindo Firing
Lindsay – Surf Camp Guest

Afternoon Session at Las Casita

ATV Jungle Tour
Jovi – Surf Camp Guest

Andy - Surf Camp Guest getting a nice Ride!

Lindsay & Jenny - Surf Camp Guests

Getting ready for the morning session


Kelly – Surf Camp Guest
Matt – Surf Coaching Guests

Looks like Waves Today

Team Work !!! Pura Vida
Cesar – CRSA Surf Guide / Instructor