Great way to start the day - Pura Vida!

Charlie – Surf Coaching Guest
Jamie – First Day of Surfing with us…

Team Work - Pura Vida

Rigo – CRSA Surf Guide / Instructor
Kelly – Looking Good!

Nicky - after 4 Days of Surfing with Us!

Michael – Surf Camp Guest
Jr. Surfing Guests

Greg - Surf Tour Guest

Snorkling off our Boat – Included Activity with your Surf Vacation
Eric – Surf Camp Guest after 3 days Surfing with us!

Our ATV Jungle Tour Included with your Surf Vacation!

Antika – 1st day Surfing with Us!
Josh – Surf Camp Guest

Annett - On a fun wave

Our ATV Jungle Tour – included with your Surf Vacation…
Sammy Dropping in!

Melisa - Surf Camp Guest

Diana getting a great ride – This could be you!
Pat Ripping…

Alan - Surf Camp Guest - after 3 Day of Surfing with us

Tamarindo Beach – perfect surfing conditions
Rigo – CRSA Surf Guide / Instructor having some fun at work!

Kurt - Surf Camp Guest

Amy – 2nd Day of Surfing with us!
La Casita

Kenneth - Surf Tour Guest

Molly – Surf Camp Guest
Alejandro – CRSA Surf Guide / Instructor