Brian taking a Hawaiian style drop !!! Nice going dude !!

Lorraine… having Fun!!

Monica showing great potential on her first day !!!

Had a super fun group for today‘s lesson !!

Surf trainer and coach Rigo on a nice inside drainer !!!

Happy Birthday Mariela..!! First Day Surfing Pura Vida

Jed showing natural talent on his second day !! Way to go !!!

Surfing off our boat – It doesn’t get any better

Rob showing good form and a lot of improvement on his last day !! Good job Rob !!!

Looking Good!

Textbook roundhouse cutback... This is what we saw pulling up to the beach !!! Playa Grande

Sick backside tube ride…This is what we saw as we were leaving !!!

Perfect A-frames today !! Stay tuned for more as the swell goes up this week !!!

Kristen’s First Day

Polly Showing full commitment!! Way to Go!!

Alexa on a super fun head high Wave!!

Susan on the Big One!!

Such an awesome crew in Today’s Session!
Setting up for some Tube Time

Matt looking like a Pro

Super fun day at the Beach